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Become a Member of Blackwood Players!

Thank you for expressing interest in joining Blackwood Players Inc.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to anyone considering becoming a member, whether you are a new member or a retuning member.


We ask that all performers, musicians, technical and front of house members who are involved in one of our productions become a Blackwood Players Member.


To become a member simply complete our membership form and return with payment to our Membership Office or Treasurer. Alternatively an online form and payment can be made online. Once your forms and payment has been received your membership will be accepted at our next board meeting and your membership card sent to you.


· On production of their Membership card Members will receive a 50% discount for their own ticket for each production.

· Members who take a significant part in a production (either on or off stage) will receive two free tickets for the opening night for that production at the discretion of the Producer.

· Members who take part in the productions staged by Blackwood Players will be covered by Volunteers Insurance.

· Have the right to vote at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting.

· Examine the Association’s books, records, minutes, finance and correspondence.

· Propose, second, vote for eligible persons and stand for election to any position of the Association.

· Receive a copy of the Constitution and any other relevant material upon request.


Family Membership - Family of 4 (individual application forms required) - $50

Individual Adult Membership - $30

Concessional Membership 16+ $25

All Memberships expire on 30 June. Members joining after 31 December may pay half of the above fees.

For further enquiries about joining Blackwood Players,

please phone on 0421002802 or email




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