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Peter Pan A Pantomime
Written by Tom Walley 
Directed by Myles Leon

An Awfully Big Pan
tomine Adventure based on the novel by J.M Barrie, with songs and dances. All children, except one, grow up... except Peter Pan, who is on the hunt for his pesky shadow, Peter Pan meets the Darling children in their Nursery. With a sprinkling of fairy dust, Wendy, John and Michael leave Nana the Dog behind on a flight to Neverland – a magical place home to the Lost boys, Mermaids, Indians and the most villainous pirate of them all; Captain Hook! With Mrs Starkey and her bumbling son Smee by his side, Hook seeks revenge against Peter Pan who fed his left hand to a tick-tocking crocodile hungry for the rest of him. Will the boy who never grew-up rid Neverland of Captain Hook forever? Will the Darlings find their way home to London?

Find out in this swashbuckling pantomime that will have you 'hooked'!

Roles Available:
Peter Pan
Peter is a clever, adventurous and confident leader of the Lost Boys. Rather, boastful but caring and filled with joy. He doesn’t want to grow up and not to be around those who want him to grow up. The person who does this role must have some able to interact with the audience. Able to sing and dance. Male or Female 15 - 18

Wendy Darling
Wendy is the eldest child in the family, who believes in Peter Pan. While growing up, she also afraid leaving her childhood. She is charming, kind, a “mother type” to all. Able to sing and dance.
Female 15 - 18

John Darling
John is the second child. John always dreamed to be of being big adventure, particularly as a pirate. Able to sing and dance. Male 15 – 18

Michael Darling
Michael is the sweet, adorable youngest child. Can be stubborn at times. Able to sing and dance
Male 15

Mr Darling/Captain Hook
Mr Darling is a stern loving father, concern keeping the household in order. Doubled up as Captain Hook, the classic pirate villain, but on the inside a cowardly man. Comedian role that can interact with the audience. Able to sing and dance. Male 40+

Dame Darling/Lady Starkey
Both roles are doubled up and done by a male (Traditional Pantomime) Dame Darling is sweet and loving but slightly over the top in the acting. Lady Starkey is one of the pirates and mother of Smee. Both roles need to comical. Able to sing and dance. Male 40+

Nana is the nursemaid dog, a none speaking role, just WOOF! Must be comfortable using their body movements to represent the animal. Will be doubled up into other characters. Age 15+

Peter Pan’s fairy friend who sometimes has a bit of an attitude, who saves the day with Peter. Able to sing and dance. Female 15 – 18

Smee is the bumbling, comical pirate, who is Captain Hook’s right hand man, son of Lady Starkey. Able to sing and dance and interact with the audience. Male or Female 30+

Tiger Lily
The beautiful princess of the “Whatsittoya” tribe. She is brave and loyal. Able to sing and dance.
Female 16 – 25

Chief Big Willie
Chief of “Whatsittoya” Trible. Good presence and loud. Tall and slightly overweight preferably. Able to sing. Male 30+

The Lost Boys
The lost boys are a group of lads who live in Neverland without a care in the world! Tootles is the leader, but they are loyal to Peter Pan. The boy’s names are Nibs, Slightly, Curly, Tootles and the Twins. There is no need for the actors playing The Twins have, to be identical. Able to sing and dance. Males or females 16+

A non-speaking role. Can be doubled up as Nana. Male or Female 16+

Indians, Pirates, Mermaids
These parts will be doubled up. Able to sing and dance
Male or Females 16+

To make a booking or to ask for a audition pkt, please contact our email address 


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