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What We're About...

At present, the Blackwood Players aim to produce three major productions per year, across a wide range of styles and genres.


All this theatre is done in an entirely amateur capacity – that is, with no financial reward to the cast or crew involved. But the rewards are there, nevertheless – things like ensemble spirit, teamwork, building a successful character or set, rigging lights or organising Front of House…. All part of the ongoing challenge and excitement of doing drama as hobby…






Over the years, the Blackwood Players have let their collective hair down between productions to maintain and build morale and essential ensemble spirit.


We have run social events throughout the year to celebrate year out!


Workshops, led by experienced theatre people, have been offered, allowing participants to develop and polish acting and related skills.


In the past the Blackwood Players have taken part in the Blackwood Christmas Pageant with a specially decorated float and zanily attired characters.

It's More Than Acting...

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