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The Show
Saturday 25th October
  • Licensed bar, no BYO
  • Cabaret Seating
  • BYO nibbles
Ticket Prices

Children (Under 13)
Family Pass
2 Ad + up to 3 Ch $30
How to Book
0481 373 949

The Blackwood Halloween ‘Spooktacular’


Ever wanted to experience Halloween, but never been into the Trick or Treating?


Then dress up, (or not), and join Blackwood Players and other community groups as we host an all ages community ‘Spooktacular’ at Blackwood 21 (the old Memorial Hall), on the 25th October 2014.


The entertainment begins at 7:00pm with a number of frightening scenarios conjured up by our local Wizard Phil, where you and your friends and family can take selfies so that your friends will actually believe you, when you post the evidence online or just retain the momentos. Coupled with donut eating and some special effects, the early part of the night is well suited to the younger warlocks, witches and wizards.


From 8.00pm, the stage comes alive, with a range of performances whilst the human (and non-human) visitors relax in cabaret style seating. Whilst we understand that some of the younger demons might take an earlier night, the Spooktacular will continue to party for the young at heart devils until the clock strikes midnight.


The night features a variety of performances including ‘The Stalking Dead’, a special preview performance of the innovative, scriptless Halloween show by the well known, highly acclaimed ‘On The Fly’ Impro ‘theatresports’ team.


Other highlights include not one, but two, Weekend Warrior bands, ‘The Spooks’ and ‘Rock and Ride’, and a number of other popular Adelaide singers and dancers.


Blackwood Players recommend those coming for the Spooktacular, as it is now being known, can dress appropriately in Halloween garb, so that if things do ‘go wrong’ you are more likely to be mistaken as a mortal, and potentially escape a horrible fate. Prizes will also be awarded to those most suitably dressed for the occasion! Family groups are expected to feel even more secure from the strange creatures expected to grace the old haunted hall.


The Players have also procured some rare dragons blood and liquefied green goo in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic varieties, along with some tasty morsels which may be purchased during the night at the Vampire Café, as a means of sustaining energy for fleeing if required.



Blackwood Players is pleased to be able to host this all ages community event in conjunction with other local groups and performers, and hopes you will join us for a ‘devil’ of a time.


Bookings are preferred on 0481373949 to secure a place, however tickets are still expected to be available at the door. 



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